What Do Men Want In A Relationship?

It’s too tempting to assume that what men want in a relationship is just sex and more sex. Well, if you add a slab of juicy steak into the mix, then men can be kept happy in a relationship.

what do men want in a relationship

There Are So Many Ways To Make Your Relationship Better

Funny anecdotes and stereotypes aside, men are also complex creatures who have their own inner needs and wants that women like you may be missing.

As a result, you become frustrated with the way things are going with your romantic relationship when, in fact, you have so many things that you can do to make it better. You should look beyond the stereotypes, look into your man’s inner mind, and then look for ways that you can apply your new knowledge into action.

You will be delighted with how the following information can change your life for the better. Of course, these positive changes will take time to develop so your patience, perseverance and passion are essential in your eventual success. You may even have to change a few things about yourself just to start seeing the desired changes but it will be all worth it in the end, if only because you become a better person.

Give It a Break from Drama

Not all women are drama queens, of course, but men appreciate it when their girlfriend or wife lays off on the dramatic scenes in front of family, friends and strangers.

This is not only an issue of respect for your man but, more important, of respect for your relationship. A heart-to-heart talk as adults in the privacy of your home is a better option even when you feel like a raging bull in public.

Silence Is Golden

Your man was likely attracted to your wit, sense of humor and ability to converse on interesting topics. However, there are times that what men want in a relationship is your silence.

Yes, to just keep your opinions to yourself, to stop overanalyzing issues, and to stop being an investigative reporter. Men tend to keep things to themselves because it is how they were raised as stoic individuals. You need not worry, fortunately, because when your man is ready to talk, he will talk.

Stroke His Ego

You may bring in the larger income, occupy the higher job position and possess the higher intelligence but the man is still, well, the man in the relationship. And what men want in a relationship are strokes to their manly egos especially when they do something that they are proud of even when you think these things are trivial.

Did he finish repairing the dripping faucet in your apartment? Praise him. Did he cook you dinner even when it was burned? Say that you liked it. Did he finally get the promotion even if it’s just one step up? Treat him to a delicious dinner complete with you as his dessert. Stroke his ego and you will have your fair share of rewards, too.

Passionate Romance

This may come as a surprise to you but what men want in a relationship also includes romance, plenty of it. This time, you must take the initiative instead of always demanding for romance from your mate.

After all, a successful relationship is all about give and take – so give romance as much as you take it from him. Surprise him with a dinner date at home. Greet him at the door in your sexiest lingerie. Present him with unexpected gifts. Indeed, passion keeps the romance burning and the relationship kicking instead of settling into tired patterns and bored routines.

loving couple

Give Him Personal Space

What men want in a relationship is personal space, too. No, we are not referring to a cooling off period where the relationship is taken to the brink of separation.
Instead, you should give your man the time to recharge after coming home from work or after a grueling week dealing with a problematic issue. Your man is not excluding you from his life because he is simply asking for time to be able to act like how he should act toward a beloved.

For example, when he gets home apparently tired and cranky, don’t ask him how his day went. Just let him sit in front of the television and zone out for 15 minutes. When he is good and ready, he will volunteer how his day went. Keep in mind that this can work to your advantage, too, since you can also ask for personal space to get your act together.

Ultimately, what men want in a relationship is what women want in a relationship, too. Love, respect and trust are essential for a successful relationship with explosive sex and passionate romance thrown in for good measure.