I Attract Healthy Relationships – Affirmation

Healthy relationships are the only relationships I permit in my life. I realize my life is better when I let go of relationships that negatively impact my life.

By attracting healthy relationships, I make my life easier and more enjoyable.

I am like a magnet for healthy relationships, and they seem to happen automatically for me. I quickly discard negative relationships and seek more positive interactions to take their place. I do this joyfully and easily.

Healthy relationships make me feel more secure and at peace. I sleep better and have a more positive outlook on life when my relationships are healthy.

If I find myself involved with someone that brings only negativity, I am able to politely extract myself from the relationship in a respectful manner.

I have a lot to contribute to a relationship, so I like to get involved with others that can do the same.

Having positive people in my life is a choice. In fact, it is the only choice that makes sense for me.

Today, I choose to invite healthy relationships into my life and release those that are negative. I permit only positive people to come into my life and work their magic. I attract healthy relationships.