How To Make Your Boyfriend Want You

Love is a many splendored thing to be sure, but it can also be incredibly confusing. Men, particularly as they relate to women, can seem to be rather complicated and hard to figure out.

How to make your boyfriend want you

Women spend an awful lot of time wondering if he wants them, needs them, cares about them, or is serious in any way at all. For many women the question simply comes down to how to make your boyfriend want you.

Making Him Want You Is Easier Than You Think

The good news is that making him want you is going to be a whole lot easier than you may think. The truth is that men are incredibly simple when it comes down to it. Oh, they like to put on a front and pretend that they are all mysterious and suave, but deep down inside they are not.

Men Are Insecure

This is where the smart woman comes in and gets the man of her dreams. You see, most men have a deep lying insecurity, and making a man feel confident in himself will make him think that it is you who gives him this confidence.  You actually do not, but you do support it and give it room to grow.

Build Up His Ego

We all know that confidence is probably the sexiest and most appealing aspect of any person, so building it up for each other works out for the relationship in every way. So that is step one in making him crazy about you. Build up his ego at every opportunity.

Tell him he is handsome and smart, and tell him he makes you feel safe and protected. Lay it on thick, and you can even stretch the truth a little bit. Make him feel like the king he really wishes he was, and he will in turn start treating you like the queen that you are.

Follow This Old Adage

Another old adage is that the way to the heart of a man is through his stomach. There is much truth to this idea. If you can fix the guy a decent sandwich he will love you for it. If you can take it a step further and learn to make his favorite dishes, he will be putty in your hands. Food is a great motivator, and men like to eat.

Give Him Plenty Of Affection

And then comes the loving. Your guy is going to need plenty of affection, even if he acts like he is too tough and rough to be all mushy inside. Trust this, he is all mushy inside. Most men are, and that is a fact. So even though it may seem a bit one sided on the overt affection deal, he will be lapping it up like a thirsty pet in no time.

Give Him Space Once In A While

Another good idea is to give him space from time to time. All men want to be loved, but when he wants some time alone to watch sports, or work on cars, or whatever his hobbies are, be sure to give him the freedom to do so.

Men really do need time to think, and this is how they do it. They work on their stuff, and often do it alone.

Let Him Socialize With His Friends

If his friends are around to help, or to yell at the television with him, it is all to the better. Men need support from each other, too, so do not try and keep him all to yourself when it comes to his boys.

And he will adore you all the more if you stay cool with it. In fact, he will brag to all the guys about how you let him come out and play with them from time to time.

Do All These Things And He Can’t Live Without You!

Add all of these things together, and you have a boyfriend that not only wants you, he will think he needs you and can never live without you!

Give him lots of loving all of the time, flatter his ego, cook him some food, and let him control the television remote for the ball game.

If you can manage to feed him and his friends something tasty during the ball game, and manage to stay out of the way while doing it, they will all fall in love with you!

The answer to how to make your boyfriend want you is really as simple as that. Men are simple creatures with simple needs. And doing these things is good for both of you, because he is going to return the favor over and over again.

We all need love in our lives, and treating each other with a bit of kindness and consideration can go along way to making it happen for both of you.