How To Attract Guys: 5 Simple Tips

If you wish to attract guys you should master both the body language and the conversational skills that draw men to women. When these two are combined, you are sure to have more than your fair share of invitations to dates from eligible bachelors – and that is truly enviable.

Go With A Small Group

Night clubs, bars and other social venues where single men and women congregate are obviously the best places to hook up with the opposite sex. You can scan the room, hone in on one man and then apply the following tips on how to attract guys into action.

However, you must also remember that for the man to come to your side and strike up a conversation, you must be approachable. Go with a small group of your girlfriends, which will encourage the man to approach your group and single you out as well. If you go with a large group, it will be nerve wracking for the man to approach you and, thus, you miss out on what may be something special.

Look And Smell Good

Again, men are visual creatures whose initial sexual attraction to the opposite sex comes from physical appearances. Smooth complexion, shiny hair, sexy curves and a sweet face are often the most attractive features that men find desirable in women. Looking good is definitely on top of the list on how to attract guys and for obvious reasons.

You will be asking: What if I am not naturally blessed with the physical beauty of beauty queens, Hollywood stars and sex symbols? The good news is that women have plenty of things going for them in the enhancement of their physical appearances.

You have makeup to highlight your best facial features. You have plenty of hairstyles to choose from. You have an abundance of clothes from ballet shoes to killer shoes, from frocks to gowns, and from jeans to shorts that will bring out the sexy, casual and yet sophisticated side in yourself. And while you are looking good, be sure to smell good, too. You don’t want to scare away men with your bad breath, your body odor and your smelly hair. So, brush your teeth, take a bath and use perfumes.

Smile And Make Eye Contact

One of the most important tips on how to attract guys once you have caught their attention to your lovely appearance is to encourage them to work on their physical attraction. The best ways to do so are to smile in a genuine manner and to make eye contact. Yes, men love the likes of Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway because their wide smiles light up their faces and make them more approachable to men – you can be like them, too. To reel your man from across a room full of other people, catch his eye, tilt your chin down a little and then give him a couple of sultry glances.

Be Yourself in Your Actions

It may sound too cliché in these tips on how to attract guys but it is, nonetheless, true. Men are also gifted with the ability to spot the real and the fake in women when it comes to actions, behaviors and actuations. After all, a leopard cannot hide its spots for too long. So, if you are naturally bubbly, playful and feisty, then let it show. If you are naturally laidback, then let it show, too, for men will hone in on the type of personality they want in a woman. Just act your natural self instead of trying too hard to impress others because you want to be liked for who you are.

attract a guy with language

Make Positive Small Talk

So, now we come to the verbal portion of the tips on how to attract guys. You will do well to remember the following when making small talk with a man who may just happen to be Mr. Right:

• Stay off negative topics especially those that make fun of places, people and cultures. Stick to fun topics like funny movies, good books and recent vacations, all of which makes for getting-to-know-you subjects. Keep your deep, dark thoughts to yourself.

• Teach him something that he may be interested in. You are showing your interest in his interests, which is a good ego boost.

• Allow him to take the lead but be sure to show that you are also willing to lead the conversation with interesting topics.

Well, nobody said that putting these tips on how to attract guys is easy. Fortunately, once you know how to do so, you will reap the great benefits of being the most eligible girl in town.