Five Tips On How To Recover From A Break Up with Your Boyfriend

Breaking up is hard and recovering from it is even harder. Indeed, you will want to know how to survive a break up because life, after all, is too short to be mooning over lost love.

Well, you are in luck because there are many ways to move on from your loss in the relationship department and, hopefully, come out the winner.

1. Cry Until You Cannot Cry Anymore

Fortunately, women are allowed to express their sadness, anger and denial through tears – plenty of tears, if necessary – a privilege that men are deprived of by general societal standards.

Let your tears flow. Sob your heart out. Cry until it seems that you have no more tears left.

Science has already proven that tears are good for your physical and mental health especially after suffering from a loss. You don’t need science, however, to tell you how liberating tears can be.


2. Mope and Then Cope

Just as tears are a great way how to recover from a break up, then moping is good for you, too.

Your family and friends will understand your decision to be alone for a while, to think things over, and to just generally lick your wounds.

You will need solitude so that you can listen to your own head and heart instead of letting other people dominate your life.

But moping has its end. Your relationship may have ended but, luckily, life goes on. You must then learn to cope by slowly but surely getting yourself back into the mainstream of life.

You will find that relationships have their natural ending but your development as a person does not end for as long as you live life to the fullest. So, mope for a while and then cope.

3. Do Something Productive for Yourself

One of the most recommended ways how to survive a break up is to do something productive every day.

Many good things can come from even a bad break-up. The trick is in actively looking for these good things like:

• Going to the gym. Exercise has been proven to lift your spirits because of the release of the so-called happy hormones. You will then end up with a lean and mean body – and that’s a good thing.

• Going back to your hobbies. You can then take your mind off the things that may be bothering you even for just a little while. You may even have an epiphany about your relationship while your hands are busy making your arts and crafts.

• Taking up new activities. Your previous relationship may have taken you off things that are on your bucket list. Well, this is the best time to check them off!

Basically, the above mentioned ways on how to recover from a break up are meant to stop you from diving into a pool of self-pity and self-doubts.

Yes, do dip your toes into the pool but don’t dive into it. Better dive into productive activities while you are at it and, thus, regain your self-confidence, esteem and respect.


4. Find Support from Family and Friends

As much as you want to keep your pain as private as possible, you will need strong emotional support from your trusted family and friends.

In fact, many of the ways on how to survive a break up involve relying on the love, support and trust of your family and friend simply because no woman is an island.

For example, when you want to take up new activities, you may want your best friend to come with you to share the experience.

It must be emphasized, nonetheless, that you should stop the advances of family and friends who profess to know better than you do.

Keep in mind that every person heals from a break up in a different manner. If somebody insists that you are going about your healing process the wrong way, just avoid him or her.

Go through your own grieving process your way because, more often than not, you know what’s best for yourself. Don’t be a doormat to other people’s expectations because then you are setting yourself up for more heartaches.

5. Find Your Own Happiness

Probably the best way how to survive a break up is to find your own happiness within yourself.

You are not being selfish or self-centered when you want to be happy with who and what you are because, in the end, you must love yourself first before anybody can love you for who and what you are. It’s simple, really.

When you are happy just being on your own without a boyfriend, you will find that Mr. Right just seems to come along in his own time while you were unaware of his coming.

There is, indeed, a reward for being true to yourself. And that is surviving a break up almost unscathed!