24 Ways To Meet New People

Do you want to make new friends or find a special person for a serious relationship? Here’s a list of 24 places where you can meet like minded people.

1. Go to church.

You can look forward to connecting with many new people in just one day of attending your local church.

2. Attend social events with your friends.

Some of your friends may know others you haven’t met yet. Going out with your friends broadens your horizons and gives you a chance to interact with friends of friends.

3. Take part in organized activities in your neighborhood.

Whether you live in an old-fashioned neighborhood or a condo building, go to any scheduled social events that are held to bring neighbors together.

4. Speaking of your neighborhood, get out and about often.

You’re more likely to meet your neighbors if you’re actually outside!

5. Join a gym.

Besides staying in shape, a health club can provide many opportunities to connect with others. Old and young alike can enjoy the benefits of a gym.

6. Establish healthy co-worker relationships.

Perhaps you have associates you haven’t yet met. Make an effort to get to know your colleagues.

7. Become a member of a book club.

Attending a book club is a fun and interesting way to make the acquaintance of people who also share your love of reading.

8. Play team sports.

Most communities offer sports for all ages. Whatever your sports preference, seek it out. You’ll undoubtedly meet new people.

9. Spend time at extended family members’  homes.

Your family members no doubt have friends and neighbors who come over sometimes. The more time you spend with your extended family members, the greater the likelihood that you’ll meet their friends.

10. Volunteer at your favorite charity.

A wonderful way to meet new people who have passions similar to yours is to volunteer your time at a charity.

11. Pursue a hobby.

For example, if you enjoy woodworking, you’ll most likely connect with new people through obtaining supplies, attending seminars, and selling your finished products. If you knit, find a knitting circle to join.

12. Take a class.

In addition to learning something new, you’ll also get to know new like minded people when you take a course at your local college or university.

13. Explore new places of business in your community.

When a new restaurant opens, stop in and have a meal. You’ll meet the wait staff and maybe even the owner. If a bookstore opens, drop in to shop and introduce yourself to the shop owner.

14. Attend a local health seminar.

Most hospitals hold occasional seminars covering various medical situations and wellness topics. Attending these local seminars will give you the opportunity to meet people of similar interests.

15. Feel free to chat when you’re waiting for service.

Whether you’re sitting at a table in a casual restaurant or waiting in line at the grocery store, strike up a conversation with those around you.

16. Frequent the same grocery store every week.

Something as plain an as shopping at the same store each week can bring new people into your life. After a while, you’ll see each other as familiar faces and it will be easy to strike up a conversation.

17. Go for a daily walk.

If you walk each day in your neighborhood, your neighbors will get to know your face. Eventually, you’ll end up becoming acquainted.

18. Get involved with your local community.

Most areas have community associations who go out together into the community to occasionally perform activities that “beautify” the town. If you join one of these groups, you’ll meet lots of new people.

19. Volunteer to be part of a committee at work or at your child’s school.

If you sometimes feel shy when in large groups, consider becoming a committee member. This will give you a smaller group from which to select people to get to know better.

20. Join an online social networking site or forum.

Although you might not meet others in person by using the site, you can get to know them online.

Join a site that offers ways to connect with others who share your same interests. A good one to check out for local events is: MeetUp.com

21. Wherever you go, be open to meeting new people.

With a smile on your face and a feeling of openness toward others, it’ll be clear to them that you want to connect. Plus, people are more open to others that appear happy and seem approachable.

22. Go to a luncheon seminar to discuss financial issues.

Many brokerage firms and banks hold seminars to disseminate information regarding finances. You can circulate the crowd there to meet new people.

23. Attend your local festivals.

Not only will you meet new people, but you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. In many places, music, craft, and book festivals are held throughout the year.

24. Avail yourself of all your community has to offer.

The more you’re out in public the more likely it is that you’ll meet new people. If you get to know your own community well, you’ll encounter many new folks.

Final Reflection:

Open up your mind to brainstorm other strategies to meet people. Strive to become acquainted with all the people you can. You’ll expand your possibilities and enrich your life beyond your imagination.